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Board of Directors

Mr Tim Robson



Mr Allen Mercer




Ms Karen Scott Harrison BSc (Hon) Estate Management - Chairperson

Karen was born in London in 1968. She was adopted by a couple in Belfast and spent the first four years there. The Family then moved to Majorca Spain where they lived for four years before returning to London for a further two and then finally settling back in Northern Ireland in 1979.

Karen was principally educated at Rockport Preparatory School and Princess Gardens and then went on to Roberta Mechan College of beauty where she obtained her International Beauty Therapy examinations. She worked for six years in a salon in Belfast before starting her own beauty business for a further six years. In 1998 she gave up the beauty business to go into full time education and did a four year bachelor of honours degree in Surveying at Jordanstown University.

Three days after graduating she got married and the following year had a daughter. The family then moved to Bahrain in the Middle East where they lived for three years before returning in 2007. In 2001 Karen made contact with her birth family and was introduced to the Adopt charity, subsequently on her return from Bahrain she joined the Management Committee of Adopt in 2008.


Ms Eilis Manning


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