supporting the adoption & looked-after communities

Peer Support

Peer support involves the giving and receiving of support between people who fall into the same/similar category. This support is founded on mutual agreement and respect, and based on shared experiences.

Peer support can take many forms. At Adopt we offer peer support on a one-to-one and group basis. Both types of peer support help reduce or remove the sense of isolation that members of the adoption and looked after communities often feel. Through the listening and sharing of experiences peers can learn from one another and gain insight and understanding into their own and others' perspectives. Both one-to-one and group support are facilitated by an experienced member of our team.

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You can help

We are keen to hear from young adult adoptees who have experience of contact with their birth family and who would be willing to volunteer for our one-to-one support scheme to support other young adults who are thinking about contact.

We are also keen to hear from birth mothers/fathers who contested the adoption of their child. We are looking for birth mothers/fathers who could offer support to another birth mother/father, who is struggling to come to terms with a contested adoption, by listening and sharing experiences.

As a volunteer, all authorised expenses associated with the role will be covered. If you are interested, please complete our contact form.

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