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Peer Support ~ Groups

What happens at a support group?

All groups are facilitated by an experienced member of our team, all group members sign a confidentiality agreement, and all groups have a similar format: 

  • GROUND RULES: Groups begin with the facilitator outlining the group rules and health and safety procedures.
  • INTRODUCTIONS: Group members state their first name only and say how they fit into the adoption triad e.g. "I'm Kate, I'm a birth mother/adoptee/adoptive parent".
  • DISCUSSION: Group members share and discuss experiences and issues (this is often structured around a previously agreed relevant topic e.g. identity or contact).
  • CLOSURE: The facilitator brings the discussion to a close, helps the group agree on a topic for the next meeting and confirms the date of the next meeting.

Attending a support group for the first time can cause anxiety. If you feel anxious about attending a group meeting but would like to attend, please note, no one has to contribute to the group discussions unless they feel comfortable doing so. New members are not expected to contribute to the first few meetings they attend, they are invited to come along and listen initially to ensure a group setting is right for them.


Mixed/General Support Group ~ Belfast

General/Mixed support groups are open to all adults with a connection to adoption, i.e. birth parents, their partners, adoptees, their partners, siblings, adoptive parents, etc).

Venue: AdoptNI offices at Unit 2, 18 Heron Road, Belfast BT3 9LE - Parking is available.

Time: 7.30 - 9.30pm 

Date: First Tuesday of every month (except when it falls on a holiday)


  • Tue 3 October
  • Tue 7 November
  • Tues 5 December

Groups are sometimes cancelled due to holidays, weather etc. so please check before attending. If you wish to be informed about group meetings or cancellations automatically please call Ciara on 028 90454 222 with your contact details.


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